The Top Reasons to Have a Responsive Website

At one time, having a responsive website was an option you could choose to take or not. These days, with more of us using a range of devices to access the web, having a responsive site is now a necessity rather than a luxury. Here’s why.

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Adapts to Any Device

The beauty of a responsive website is that it adapts to any device you’re using, making it a convenient, flexible and forward-thinking solution. According to Business2Community responsive websites aren’t built with a specific device in mind but are built to scale your content instead.

Mobile Use Has Increased

Mobile use has now overtaken the use of desktop devices for searching online, so having a website that adapts to fit a mobile screen is necessary to reflect the changes in the way we use the internet. More and more people use their phones to search for everything from jewelry for a loved one to a polystyrene recycling company like for their business.

Create a Positive User Experience

A website that isn’t responsive may not load or display content properly or could be sluggish. Anyone of these factors will be enough to turn viewers away, searching for responsive competitors instead. If you want to ensure positive user experience, creating a responsive website, is the way to go.

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Boost SEO

Having a responsive website is also really important if you want to ensure your SEO strategies are getting you ranking high up the search listings. Search engines will punish those websites that are slow to load, have poor navigation and don’t enhance the user experience – all features of sites that fail to take a responsive stance.

Goes Hand-in-Hand with Social Media Use

Research has shown that around 55% of social media consumption takes place using mobile devices. Social media allows you to connect with your audiences, gain more likes and shares, grow your following and provide information about your brand. If you want to gain a myriad of benefits from social media, you’ll struggle to achieve this if your website isn’t designed to be responsive to mobile use.

Adapts to Future Devices

As technology advances and web browsing extends to new devices, the advantage of having a responsive website is that it will adapt to these future devices, without needing to create separate templates each time a new browsing solution emerges.